The Beginning

Every great idea has its origin story. Ours is rooted in performance.


Giving you total tracking control during the manufacturing process with our premier RFID solutions that monitor material flow. Component matching and verification gives you better visibility throughout the whole production timeline, while minimizing incorrect usage.

  • Replace paper to communicate work instructions and parts replenishment

  • Work in process (WIP) tracking

  • Monitor and optimize material flow to production/assembly line

  • Verify all components and parts against product’s bill of materials (BoM)

  • Check that custom orders match manifest

  • Get real time status dashboards to monitor manufacturing metrics


Automate and manage your warehouse with RFID with dedicated systems for receiving, shipping, and other warehouse processes. With RFID portals, tags and readers, you can identify any product moving through your warehouse for easy counting and collection.

  • Streamline shipping & receiving processes

  • Verify products’ final destination, carrier and dock door

  • Confirm individual items with customer orders

  • Expedite rush orders

  • Alert staff and customers to potential mis-shipments or delays

  • Trigger automatic inventory replenishment when stock is low

  • Flag rush orders by comparing order number & special instructions

Asset tracking & location

We provide RFID solutions that let you track, control and manage your valuable assets. Our technology offers increased visibility in real time, with counting and inventory at your fingertips. Our Asset Tracking Software keeps you up to date with alerts for maintenance, calibration, and misplacement

  • Quickly count, search, and locate assets, maintain real-time inventory

  • Identify misplaced items and assets with overdue maintenance, repair, calibration

  • Check-in, checkout assets to a department, employee or location

  • Compatible with both barcode and RFID tag systems

  • Works seamlessly with mobile and fixed readers

  • Geo-fencing limits asset activity, alerting you when assets leave or move


Our solution simplifies the process of retail management by offering end to end solutions to track, count and ship goods from the warehouse and control the goods every step of the way to point-of-sale. Handle inventory seamlessly with an RFID system for visibility, efficiency and security.

  • Track all items from production/ supplier to the point of sale

  • Real-time notifications and alerts when items leave the store without payment

  • Monitor location of the products inside the store

  • Shipping, receiving and cycle counting applications

  • Verify all items in mixed product shipping boxes and pallets

  • Real-time notification of out-of-stock items

  • Seamless product replenishment

Document Tracking

Quickly access the location of any document, and protect against unauthorized removal. Classifying documents by type, backtracking of document activity, and check in/ check out automation make managing documents easy from A to Z.

  • Classify all documents by type (contract, legal file, product catalog, etc.)

  • Prevent document removal from certain locations and trigger alarms of unauthorized attempts

  • Locate individual document from crowded archives

  • Monitor document traffic and backtrack location of a document to a specific date/ time

  • Automate desks for document check-in & checkout

  • Assign and manage personal credentials for handling specific documents

  • Flexible integration with existing systems.


Locate, track and guard medical assets, protect staff and patients with real-time location information, plus ensure infants are placed with the correct mother. Improved speed thanks to real-time alerts, help buttons, and monitoring reduces response times while giving patients peace of mind.

  • Tracks, limits location and monitors status of hospital assets

  • Monitors staff workflow and patient visits

  • Provides real-time location information about patients and staff

  • “Help” button equipped patient and staff tags provides faster response to emergency cases

  • Limits perimeters of the patients with special conditions

  • Matches infants with the mother to prevent mismatches and limits perimeters of infants


Maintain access control of the vehicles entering your property, by identifying, recognizing and admitting vehicles automatically. Control entrance and exit rights for vehicles with all of the settings you desire for optimum security and efficiency

  • Electronic toll collection (ETC) with RFID

  • Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) with RFID

  • Traffic monitoring with RFID

  • Car service applications

  • Dock door applications with RFID

  • Truck scaling/ weighing automation with RFID

  • Integration with peripheral devices including signals, lights, and sirens

Event Mangement

Our solution improves efficiency of event management, by automating the process for both event organizers and attendees.

  • Provides access control, automated identification and self-registration

  • Automatically captures leads and provides advanced event marketing capabilities

  • Provide attendees with timely and valuable information about their event experience

  • Collects visitor behavior and generates statistics


Our workplace solution offers security measures that are easily utilized for any workplace with employee tracking, help calling buttons, and ability to locate workers swiftly in an emergency. Monitoring persons entering hazardous areas lets you maintain strict safety guidelines for your staff and visitors.

  • Wearable badge tags with help calling function and motion sensors provide an all-in-one solution that can also be used for access control

  • Precisely locate workers within a facility in the event of an emergency and provide help faster

  • Ensure only qualified people enter facility’s hazardous areas

  • Generate automated alerts in case of operator inactivity

  • Manage emergency assembly points and identify any missing employee who may be left inside