Who We Are

About ITSYNC Synergy

ITSYNC Synergy Limited (“ITSYNC’’) is an information technology services provider focused on delivering cutting edge and innovative solutions to help simplify business processes of our clients. We deliver global solutions in Nigeria while working closely with our OEMs and foreign partners. Our core focus is providing our clients with real time location-based solutions (RTLS) and business management software.

ITSYNC provides RTLS developed exclusively for high traffic industrial and business environments; oil and gas facilities, mines, seaports, airports, manufacturing industries etc. The solution combines ultra wide band (UWB), Bluetooth low energy, GPS and RFID technologies to create a wireless network that provides live tracking and monitoring throughout your facility. Our wide variety of tags - are suitable for staff, asset, equipment and vehicle monitoring – are processed by proprietary meshed reader networks.

The location of each tag is calculated and then transmitted to our application software –where all zone control and alert management functions are managed. This solution improves workplace safety, vehicle tracking & signalization, environment & gas tracking, total asset visibility, production tracking etc. Our asset & warehouse management solution integrates easily with SAGE, SAP & Oracle. General Electric, BOSCH, Fiat Chrysler automobiles, Turkish Airlines, Indesit all use this solution.

ITSYNC is also a Sage Software business partner. We implement simplify and automate our client’s business process (finance, service management, manufacturing processes, inventory, procurement, human resources and payroll etc) using Sage solutions. ITSYNC have successfully implemented solutions for various clients in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Marine industries across Nigeria.

We always give our clients the extra edge needed to beat competition by improving business processes, workflow, visibility and return on investment.